Miller, Luring, Venters & Wesner is now the Home for Bankruptcy Attorneys in Trotwood, Ohio

Hey Trotwood, we’d like to announce our new focus on Bankruptcy in Trotwood, Ohio.

Let us introduce ourselves:

We are a highly skilled bankruptcy attorney firm and we have five local offices located throughout the Miami Valley.  Our attorneys live, work, and enjoy our children and lives throughout the Trotwood area, and as a result we are BIG fans of the RAMS!  Our Firm has been in practice since 1977 so we feel a special connection with the Trotwood community. We feel that there isn’t a problem we haven’t seen or can’t solve.  If you need a fresh start in Trotwood and can’t afford the $1400 to $1600 up front to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can help.  We can file a bankruptcy for you with $0 (zero) attorney fees upfront if you live in 45426.  We might even  get your filing fee’s waived or paid in installments.

Our Attorneys are not some web app or online service, as a result, we are a REAL law firm focused on getting you out of debt.  Saving your money is what we are about, and as a consequence we are focused on you.  If you are considering bankruptcy, you should give us a call.  Facetime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and good old fashioned telephone are all within our our capabilities.  A five minute conversation with one of our attorneys will show you the path to debt free living!  Save money and get your life back.  Give our attorneys a chance to earn your trust and your business.

What we DO:

  1. STOPING FORECLOSURE is what we do.  Call us if you are facing foreclosure and don’t know where to turn.
  2. Get Your Drivers License Reinstated.  Call us to eliminate your reinstatement fees so you can get your license back.
  3. WIPE OUT credit card debt.  Call us to get rid of your credit card debt forever.
  4. Banish your Medical Debt to the dust bin and never worry about them again.  A five minute call will save you months or years of anguish.
  5. Reduce or Eliminate your Automobile payment, if you give us a call we can help!
  6. With our help, financial freedom is well within your reach, for instance.

Trotwood Fun Facts:

Trotwood was originally called Higgins Station and was founded in 1854, and that means Trotwood is 166 years old.  The Village of Trotwood was incorporated in 1901.  In 2010 the population of Trotwood was 24,431 and is (was) home to Hara Arena where Attorney Chris Wesner enjoyed MANY concerts.  And it is home the Hamvention.  Trotwood is nestled in between Dayton, Clayton, Englewood, and Randolph Township.

Trotwood lists it’s motto as “Trotwood, Growing Together” and Trotwood’s Mayor is Mary A. McDonald.