A good family law attorney must utilize their legal skills in a compassionate and empathetic manner. Doing so enables their clients to confidently voice their concerns and goals about very private personal matters. Your attorney should use negotiating tactics that empower you and provides space for the opposing party to feel acknowledged. Although it is not always possible, a good family law attorney understands that most times the best path forward is the one agreed to by all interested parties.

Miller, Luring, Venters, & Wesner Co., L.P.A. is committed to giving our clients the best legal representation possible. Our practice is guided by a keen understanding of the emotional and financial toll caused by family disputes. Call us today for experienced legal advice on how best to proceed with your family law matter.

Our firm provides skilled and effective representation in all family law matters.

Marriage Dissolution

A Dissolution will end a marriage by the mutual agreement of the spouses. When both spouses agree to dissolve the marriage and sign a separation agreement dividing the marital property, review the separation agreement, and issue a decree that terminates the marriage. Additional actions are required if minor children are involved.

Marriage Annulment

An annulment is granted when a court finds that the original marriage was never legally valid. Please be advised that a religious annulment of a marriage does not legally annul a civil marriage.

Marriage Divorce

A no-fault divorce is often sought when “irreconcilable differences” exist between spouses.

A for-fault divorce is often sought when one of the following exists in the marriage: adultery; imprisonment of one of the spouses; or abandonment by one of the spouses.
A for- fault divorce may lead to bigger settlements for the spouse who is found to be without fault.

Regardless of the type of divorce, spouses use this type of marital termination when there are disagreements that must be settled by an order from the court. Examples of disagreement…

Legal Separation

Legal Separations take the form of a court order where spouses live apart but remain married. A legal separation does not legally end a marriage, but it permits the court to issue orders such as visitation/custody for minor children, spousal/child support, and property division.

A legal separation sets forth the obligations, liabilities, and rights of each spouse. Although these types of separations are rare, they are often used when one of the following exists in the marriage: major medical insurance issues; retirement benefit issues; differences in familial customs, religious beliefs, and traditions; or when Ohio residency requirements have not yet been met.

Once established, a legal separation will remain in place until the spouses reconcile their differences, or one of them decides to move forward with further actions to terminate the marriage.

Residency Requirements for Dissolutions/Divorce/Annulments/Legal Separations

To proceed with a Dissolution, Divorce, Annulment, or Legal Separation one of the spouses must have been a Resident of the State of Ohio for at least 6 months immediately before the filing of the complaint or petition. Additionally, the filing spouse must also be a resident of the county in which the action is being filed for 90 days immediately before filing the complaint or petition.

* Please be advised that some exceptions to these rules exist in cases involving domestic violence.

Child Custody and Visitation

Our attorneys are skilled legal advocates when it comes to obtaining child custody and visitation rights on behalf of our clients. We will undertake sincere and compassionate custodial/visitation negotiations so that you can become and remain an integral part of your child’s life and upbringing. If your rights as a parent need to be litigated in court, we will zealously advocate on your behalf to ensure that your legal rights are enforced.

Child Support

No matter how or why child support orders have been issued, our exceptional attorneys are motivated to obtain the best results for you and your family. Adept in all areas of child support proceedings, our attorneys will passionately work to ensure that court orders are upheld or amended to support the financial needs of you and your family.

Child Support Guideline Manual for Ohio

To determine parental child support obligations, Ohio uses an income shares model. This model takes into account the income of both parents, as well as other information including how healthcare is provided; to compute how much child support is owed. The Basic Child Support Schedule (JFS 07767) is used along with the Sole/Shared Child Support Computation Worksheet (JFS 07768) or the Split Parenting Child Support Computation Worksheet (JFS 07769) to calculate the amount of child support owed by the parent ordered to pay child support.

Under the Ohio Revised Code, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services was required to generate these worksheet guidelines and instructions for how to use and fill them out.

For more detailed information click on the following link: The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Office of Child Support has put together a user-friendly page that provides instructions and an online calculator for you to use to figure out the child support obligation that may be ordered in your situation.

Spousal Support

No matter how or why spousal support orders have been issued, our exceptional attorneys are motivated to obtain the best results for you and your family. Adept in all areas of spousal support proceedings, our attorneys will passionately work to ensure that court orders are enforced or amended to support the financial needs of you and your family.

Spousal Support Orders

Spousal support is calculated on a case by case basis and is only considered if requested by one of the spouses. Spousal support orders are only issued if they are appropriate and reasonable.

Factors judges consider when deciding if spousal support is appropriate and reasonable are enumerated in Ohio Revised Code 3105.18. Some of these factors are the income of the parties, relative earning abilities; ages of and the physical/emotional/mental conditions of the parties; retirement benefits; duration of the marriage; and the standard of living during the marriage. The complete list includes twelve factors and a catch-all that allows the judge to take into account any relevant facts.

Legal Guardianship

A guardianship can be an ideal tool to provide for the temporary care of a minor child. When a parent decides to place their child/children under guardianship, they are doing so to make sure their child/children receive the care they need but are currently unable to provide. When a parent places their minor child/children in a guardianship, they retain all parental rights, and can at a later date seek to terminate the guardianship.

A guardianship can also be used to provide for a disabled adult. Legal guardianship’s for disabled adults are often set up to ensure that the person’s finances are used in a manner that is most effective for their care and protection.


The adoption of a minor child is a permanent action that legally separates a child from their biological or legal parents and terminates their parental rights. Adoptions grant full custodial and parental rights to the new adoptive parent(s). Because adoptions permanently alter the relationship between parent and child, the process can be complicated. Let our attorneys assist you while you navigate the legal process and help you determine whether or not adoption is right for your family.

Restraining Orders/Civil Protection Orders

Our attorneys take domestic violence very seriously. We understand that a break down in domestic relations can result in physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. No matter the situation, if you or a loved one are ever subjected to domestic violence seek help immediately. Violence against you and your loved ones is never excusable and you are not to blame.

Our attorneys are experienced and very familiar with the process of obtaining restraining orders/civil protection orders.Contact us today and take the steps necessary to protect you and your family.

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